Mocha Pro Tutorials (English)

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Technical specifications

  • year of creation: 2022;
  • author: Oleg Verenko;
  • version of programs used in the course: Mocha Pro 2022, Nuke 12;
  • total lessons in the course: 16;
  • total duration: 3h 02m;
  • size (materials and lessons): 3.1 Gb
  • video specifications: file type .mp4, frame size – 2560*1440 pixels;

Course content

A total of 16 videos are split into different sections that build on one another.
All the videos will have logical naming and are numbered to make it easy to find exactly the ones you want to follow.

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0.0 Introduction to Mocha Pro. Interface. UI. Project setup and pipeline with Nuke. X-spline tool. Occlusion layer setup. Track panel properties. Exporting tracking data and shapes. Common bug with .mov videos. PowerMesh.

1.0 Global Preferences. Project Settings.  Viewer Preferences. Cache. Autosave.

1.1 Understanding Mocha – tracking data, layers, cornerpin.

1.2 Snapping shape and points to edges. Magnetic layer.

1.3 Main rotoscoping rules. Rotoscoping the human body.

1.4 Exporting Shapes into Nuke. Color grading.

1.5 Rotoscoping technics – linking to track, PowerMesh. Motion blur. Edge width and softness.

1.6 Exporting shape data into Nuke and separate image sequences by matte color.

1.7 Blending mode – Add vs Subtract.

1.8 Cleanup and tracking techniques. 2 ways of exporting tracking data.

1.9. Adjusting track and corner pin with new AdjustTrack.

1.10 PowerMesh for tracking. Export data in Alembic. Comp in Nuke.

1.11 Camera tracking in Mocha Pro.

1.12 Working with Remove Tab.

1.13 Stabilize in Mocha Pro.

1.14 Conclusions, manual track, troubleshooting.

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Mocha Pro Tutorials (English)

0 ratings
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